This blog is full of my own writing, outfits, and regular, everyday experiences. I love expressing myself through fashion, art, and music. My name is Ange.

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No Artificial Preservatives
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Mr. Blue Sky

Necklace - DIY

Shirt - Mossimo

Shorts - Forever 21

Bag - Thrifted (Merona)

Shoes - Thrifted

Syracuse University, the Hall of Languages

Shirt - Thrifted Guess
Belt - Vintage
Jeans - BDG (Urban)

Belts are too essential to go without

The bulletin board

Shirt - Planet Funk

Shorts - Thrifted/DIY

Shoes - Converse

Today was my first day of college classes and I learned blogging in a dorm is a lot harder than it seems.

I make arts and crafts in college

I keep on ducking, keep on ducking
and nothing helps
I can’t stop missing you

To the greatest thrift shop in the entire world; Thanks for an amazing summer, Progress. See u soon